The Butter People

Exciting news, Tucker Fresh welcomes The Butter People’s WA made Butter to our stores.

Fresh off the churn – The Butter People have found a new home on Tucker Fresh shelves. In stores since December 4th 2023, Tucker Fresh is your go-to spot for high quality butter.

Founded in 2017 by the dynamic duo Kylie & Kris, The Butter People have been winning hearts (and awards) as proud producers of 100% natural, grass-fed butter right here in WA.

Why Choose The Butter People? Each batch is churned with care, ensuring a symphony of flavours. Supporting sustainable practices, The Butter People source their dairy from regeneratively farmed sources. They are also committed to using 100% natural ingredients which means you’re getting butter the way nature intended and it is free from thickeners and gums.

Whether you’re into the pure, creamy goodness of unsalted butter or their award-winning salted butter with a sprinkle of WA lake salt, there’s a flavour for every palate.

The Butter People also go the extra mile with their delightful packaging. Free from waxes, adhesives, and dyes, their brown paper is compostable, breaking down naturally in just 4-6 weeks. Labels are printed on 100% recyclable eco star paper, keeping the ecological footprint as low as possible.

With their love of flavour and environmental awareness, you can truly taste The Butter People difference.