Supporting Riding for the Disabled

Tucker Fresh has recently donated $2750 to Riding for the Disabled Carine (RDA Carine), a voluntary not-for-profit charitable organization. RDA Carine is known for its dedication to providing therapeutic horse-related activities to individuals of all ages with disabilities.  

RDA Carine is an organization that thrives on enriching the lives of those with disabilities through safe, healthy, and therapeutic interactions with horses. These activities not only provide a unique and stimulating experience but also contribute to the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the participants. 

The donation was taken from the IGA Community Chest, a platform that rallies support for local communities, charities, and worthwhile causes.  

About the IGA Community Chest:

Assisted by your contributions, we annually aid more than 1,200 local initiatives that hold significant meaning for us. Since the year 2010, we’ve successfully delivered upwards of 25,000 donations, each playing a tangible role in creating positive changes within our local neighbourhoods.

By supporting organizations like RDA through initiatives like the IGA Community Chest, we not only uplift those in need but also nurture a sense of belonging and compassion within our communities.