Drink Fresh

We all know it’s recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But during those long, hot Australian summers, it’s even more important to ensure that we stay fully hydrated by getting a substantial daily dose of H20. With the abundance of delicious summer fruit lining our shelves this time of year, there are many ways to quench your thirst with fresh and exciting flavour infusions.

Refreshing drinks to quench your thirst this summer

Below are 5 of our favourite infused water combinations which can be sipped on daily or presented in beautiful glass pitchers for summer BBQs.

Staying hydrated has never tasted so good!

Blueberry & Lime

Get a boost with these antioxidant-rich berries! Slightly crush the blueberries to release the syrup and pair with thickly sliced pieces of lime.

Apple & Mint

Crisp green apple is simply delightful in the summer. Thinly slice the apple and infuse in water overnight. Add some torn mint before serving.

Strawberry & Basil

This match made in heaven is just as tasty in liquid form as it is when eaten. Simply slice the strawberries and add torn basil leaves. If you’re serving to guests, be sure to replace the strawberries after a few hours, as they can start looking waterlogged.

Cucumber, Watermelon & Rosemary

In the summer, it doesn’t get more cooling than watermelon and cucumber. Cut the watermelon into cubes, add slices of cucumber and sprigs of rosemary.

Passionfruit & Feijoa

Get a taste of paradise with this sunshiney drink! Mix together sliced feijoa with passionfruit pulp, slices of lime and tore mint to your taste.


  • Always wash fruit and rinse herbs before use.
  • Always use cold or room temperature water for infusions. If you want to add a bit of fizz, mix 1 part soda water with 1 part still water. You can even try experimenting with coconut water!
  • Load up your infused water glass, bottle or pitcher with ice to keep things extra refreshing!

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