Kinross Wins Store of the Month for Supermarket News

Kinross Wins Store of the Month for Supermarket News

Our Kinross store was named Store of the Month for October by Supermarket News.

The store was chosen because of the impressive British foods section, local produce, and the deli.

Key to the stores success is the people who work there.

“We’ve got an amazing team that has been with us since the store opened over 15 years ago, meaning they know so many of the customers,” said Poojan Shah, Head of Operations for Tucker Fresh.

A recent update in the Kinross store took place in the fresh department. The Contronics Dry Misting system circulates mist around produce and ensures there is the retention of freshness, colour and nutrients. Round, modular display shelves from Sigma were installed to showcase the variety of produce on offer. The department also received a new layout and lighting that have entirely changed the in-store experience.

“We’ve noticed that our bananas are much fresher than before, and the fresh department sales have already grown,” said Shah.

You can read the full article here.