Seasonal Produce


In Australia, we’re lucky to have easy access to a bounty of produce that’s both in and out of season. For example, strawberries aren’t hard to come by in the winter, and you won’t have difficulty finding oranges in the summer.

Despite the convenience, ease and choice that this access has enabled, there are numerous benefits to shopping and eating in accordance with the seasons.

How to eat seasonally this summer


In-season produce provided by West Australian and Australian farmers is specifically picked at its peak for consumption. This means that fruits and vegetables are able to naturally ripen to maturity in time for harvesting, as opposed to being harvested early and refrigerated to prevent spoiling during transportation. At IGA, we supply some of the best seasonal produce that’s fresh and packed full of flavour.

Higher Nutritional Value

Along with tasting great, the added benefit of produce that has had time to properly ripen for harvest is the higher nutritional value. Some of the key benefits of fruit and veg, such as essential vitamins and folate, decline when stored for periods of time. By shopping seasonal, there’s a higher chance you’ll be eating produce that has more recently been picked fresh off the vine or tree, rather than stored in a warehouse for weeks at a time.


Buying in-season can be significantly cheaper. This is due to the naturally higher abundance of locally and nationally sourced produce that occurs season to season and the reduction in production, travel and storage costs.

Creativity and Diversity

While it may seem that having access to every kind of food imaginable all year-’round grants a greater sense of variety, eating seasonally challenges you to try new things and get creative with your meals. Embrace the full spectrum of essential nutrients available with the passing of each season; think fresh, raw fruits and veggies in the summer and earthy, root vegetables in the winter.

At IGA, we’re proud to partner with Genuinely Southern Forests, a regional brand that represents the produce, producers and agri-food offerings of WA’s Southern Forests region. The Southern Forests are home to an abundance of 50 different types of fruits and vegetables, truffles and more. When you shop at IGA, you can rest assured that the range of Genuinely Southern Forests produce that lines our shelves is fresh, in-season and locally sourced.

Find out more about how to eat seasonally by following this handy produce calendar.

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